Friday, 17 October 2014

American Water Spaniel

American Water Spaniel is a wisconsin spaniel dog species native United States.

Although there are many points that are not be found with respect to upbringing, it has been found that it was present as a own breed in the 1860s. Dog species that was used to produce like Standard Poodle. it is also called English Water Spaniel, Irish Water Spaniel, Field Spaniel, Way Bee Coated Retriever

It is mainly used as such as bird hunting dog. Become a master and the pair tracks quail, pheasant, grouse, the smell, such as hares, to inform the master when you discover. After that was Tobitata from such bushes by performing flushing (eviction) according to the instructions, the prey that came out my husband kill in hunting rifle. Shitome are prey carries and recovery of this species, Toriryo complete.

Other bird hunting in such a ground, it is possible to perform the recovery operation on the water. This is also done to become master pair. And boarded the canoe and boat owner is shot down the sky of birds, is this species the birds fell swam to recover.

1920s after it is pushed to the popularity of other birds hound species, population was greatly reduced. Although the number of cattle still is very little by this effect, it is certified to the United Kennel Club in 1920, is endangered by the protected can breed club in 1937 has been enhanced was not much exposed. The 1940 is certified also registered in the American Kennel Club, also in FCI is an international Canine organizations after it has been certified registered. However, in rare species currently poorly raised even outside the United States, it can not be seen in the first other countries. It's the main is being kept as a real hunting dog, but breeding even as pets because personality is good has been done.


There while I was look charming, upper lip for obtaining firmly mouth so as not to damage the prey, there is slack in a little longer. The length of the muzzle is usually, earlier round. The body is also slightly longer, but not so conspicuous because the length of the legs are common. If you have a firm figure, you have the legs also slender. Ears large lop-eared, tail drooping tail. The ears and tail there is a decorative hair. Court's short coat that was curled like a poodle, but strong in cold or cold water to have a double structure. Because coat that contains oil slightly more, faster repelling water. Hair color is brown, lever, such as black. Withers 36~46cm, in the medium-sized dog of body weight 11~20kg, personality is intelligent and calm, is friendly with obedience. Drink crowded and circumstances judgment of discipline is well, a dog species facing to kept as pets. Because it is one of the Water Spaniel dog species, is you have a love very good to swim. Diving is also possible, sometimes it is necessary to'll let the water play even if it is kept as a pet. Momentum is common.

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